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Northshore College of Business and Technology Carols- 2015

Northshore College of Business and Technology Carols 2015

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Colombo Drunken Girls By LakvisionTV


ශ්‍රී ලංකා විශ්ව විද්‍යාල පුවත් 

Severe Ragging At Jaffna National College

By Janith Aranze
Victims of ragging, consumed by fear, rarely ever come forward
The ugly face of Sri Lanka’s education system reared its head again this week after it was revealed that 15 boys had been arrested at Jaffna National College of Education for physical harassment against fellow first year students. As first year students gathered on March 28 to register for their English course, the threat of physical abuse would have been the last thing on their mind.
Indeed it is rightly assumed, no matter what level of the educational pyramid you are at, be it nursery or university, the safety and well-being of students should be of the utmost importance.  However it appears that students and parents are being painfully let down by institutions who continue to turn a blind eye to these offences, preferring to hide behind the banner of tradition in their defence of such archaic practices.
When The Sunday Leader contacted the Jaffna National College of Education, English lecturer, Mr. Pirapakaran described the sequence of events that led to the revelations. “Some second year students physically harassed first year students.  During the attacks one first year student managed to escape from the college and he went straight to the police in fear,” Pirapakaran explained to The Sunday Leader. The traumatised student explained to the police how new freshers were being physically abused by second year students who were under the influence of alcohol.



Sisil world 9 a side football tournament

Sisil world 9 a side football tournament at Gampola zahira college grounds. Organized by Gampolaila Football League